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Search Engine Optimization
Included in our Perfect and Custom Website Packages

HomeSpun Websites offers a simple, yet powerful SEO Package that can greatly improve the placement of your website in the Search Engines.

Our goal is to get you to the top of the search engines for your services in your city.
We make sure that the text on your website is optimized with important keywords. We set up your Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Brief Descriptions which are used by the search engines to help categorize your website.

Package Details:
Up to 10 Pages (with a Perfect Websites Package)
Up to 20 pages (with a Custom Website Package)

* SEO Friendly URL’s
* Title Tags
* Meta Brief Description
* Meta Keywords
* Minor Updates to Text on Website:
We rewrite the first sentences and headlines to include important   keywords to help advance your placement in the search engines.
* Keyword Research: You need a good balance of keywords within your text and meta tags to get properly   indexed by the search engines. We research to determine the best keywords for your business.
* Site Statistics: We provide you statistics on the number of visitors that come to your websites and where   they come from. Our site statistics give you and us insight on what pages of your website are performing.

SEO Landing Pages

HomeSpun Websites of Portland, Oregon specializes in websites that help businesses get their services found in multiple geographic markets.

How we do it!

HomeSpun Websites creates multiple search engine optimized (SEO) Landing Pages for each target market and service.

Service + Geographic Location= 1 SEO Landing Page

Features of an SEO Landing Page

• Each page is professionally written by copy writer. Each page is unique!
• Optimized with Keywords to get top placement in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
• Each SEO Landing Page acts like a Home Page for the website.


All About Exteriors is a Portland based company that specializes in windows, doors and siding. We created an additional 18 hidden pages for the website to help the company get found in multiple cities around Portland including Beaverton, West Linn, Tigard, Hillsboro, Wilsonville and Tualatin.

For each city we wrote a unique page of text and optimized the page to be found for the specific city and service (such as doors, windows or siding) looks like a simple 6 page website on first glance. In reality, this website has more than 30 hidden website pages.

Each hidden page is optimized for about 30 different cities and neighborhoods in the Portland Metro Area.

The Final Result:

The SEO Landing Pages are found in the top pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing for their target markets.

Social Media Marketing Set Up Package: $399

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of a solid Internet marketing strategy.
HomeSpun Websites makes it easy and affordable for a business to reach a broad audience through the power of social media.

We create a strategy based on your business type and needs. It starts with the trifecta of social media:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linked-In

Then we look at the entire social media landscape and determine where else you need to be.
• Meet Up
• Digg
• Merchant Circle
• And many more

Action Plan: We work with you to customize a strategy that works for your business, so that you have a plan on “when” and “what to do” with your social media network. We provide you a written 6 month plan for maintaining your social media network.

Blog Set up:
We set up your HomeSpun Websites blog that has the same look and feel of your website. We also provide you tips on how to write your own blog posts.

Create Profiles:
We properly set up your profile for each social media network that applies to your business.

Interlink Profiles: We link your social media profiles together through rss feeds, synching and other linking strategies so that you can efficiently update one platform and the others will automatically update.

Add to website:
“Follow Me” links are added to your website for all of the social media networks that apply.

Let Us Maintain Your Social Media Campaign: $150 Month

HomeSpun Websites effectively promotes your company with a monthly social media campaign maintenance program.

Social Media Promotion:  Our Social Media Specialists update your LinkedIn profile, sends out tweets from Twitter and add posts to Facebook.  They actively search and request fans, friends and communities that expand the reach of your business through social media.  

Monthly Content Creation - Blog Posts and/or SEO Landing Pages: 
HomeSpun Professional Copywriters (skilled in Search Engine Optimization) write blog posts about what’s new at your business and in the industry.  They also create SEO landing pages for your website.  This keeps your content fresh and is the ultimate way to promote your business online.