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At HomeSpun Websites, we offer a great value for a low price.  Each website is unique as the small business itself and is built to bring you success!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve created hundreds of small business websites with a process that consistently helps businesses grow and reach their goals.


Our success is measured by the success of our members. We are here to build a long term relationship with each member. Whether you are sole proprietor who is just getting started or an established small business, HomeSpun Websites helps you grow your business through our expertise in web development and digital marketing.

Elements of a Successful HomeSpun Website

Communication Strategy

A successful website clearly communicates with your target market and tells your story.  We start every HomeSpun Website defining a communication strategy that supports your business goals.

Clear Calls to Action

HomeSpun Websites are created to engage your visitors and include "Calls to Action" that get website visitors to call, visit, complete a form or make a purchase.

Strong Professional Design

Responsive Website Design works on Mobile, Tablets and Computers. Your website is user friendly, easy to navigate, clean and beautiful.

Easy to Manage

HomeSpun Websites are for small businesses who want a professional website that is easy to manage and effortlessly updated. Expandable to 70+ pages, it is designed to service all the needs of successful business owners.



Naturally Found

HomeSpun Websites naturally rise to the top of the search engines because they are fast loading, built with Search Engine friendly URLs and are optimized with the keywords that attract your target market.

Site Statistics

HomeSpun Websites include detailed stats on how your website is performing and where it needs work. Track the number of visitors to your site, where they are coming from, what they are looking at and how long they are staying.

Our Work


I tried doing my website myself. Haven't we all? And that didn't work. The key to success is not just a well designed website, but one that gets seen. Then I found Home Spun Websites and they made all the difference in the world to my small business.

Now I look good on the web and you'll find me first when you Google my category. Plus I can update the site myself so no more waiting until someone has time to make my changes.

If you're ready for people to find you on the web, call HomeSpun.

Nancie Hines, Reflexologist

At HomeSpun Websites, we build long lasting relationships and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. If for some reason we do not hit the mark, we will switch you to another web designer or gladly refund your money.   

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