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HomeSpun Web Builder

The HomeSpun Web Builder allows you to add and edit content to your website with such ease, you won't need to spend hours reading an instruction manual to get started. Just click on "Edit your Website," and start creating!!

With a HomeSpun Website, You can Easily:
* Add and Rearrange Pages
* Add Photos, Captions and Slide Shows
* Add, Update and Format Text
* Change your Design at Any Time
* Embed a You Tube or Google Video
* Customizable Forms for Contact Us and Request a Quote
* Add an Event Calendar
* Add Affiliates, RSS Feeds and Widgets
* Create and Send Beautiful Email Newsletters
* Add a Blog with the Look of your website
* Add Documents and Forms for Download (PDF, Doc)
* Add a Google Map

Change Your Design at Anytime
HomeSpun Website has hundreds of designs to choose from and is adding new designs weekly.

Step 1) CLICK on a design category like tropical, floral, professional, or art deco,
Step 2) CLICK on the design you like best, then
Step 3) CLICK on the color you want and you're done!

Try different looks until you find the one that suits you. It's so much fun, you'll want to try them all!

Blogs are a fabulous interactive means of communication between you and your client. Write a blog, then read the comments your followers post. Learn to spot trends and discern your clients' needs and concerns. Test out new ideas before you invest a lot of money in a campaign, then track your responses. Blogs should benefit you and your client.

Blog ideas can come from anywhere. Write a "How To" a "Best" list, "Strategies and Tips." Ask readers for blog ideas then blog about the things they want to know. Make it fun with fresh ideas. Use your own voice, not stiff corporate rhetoric. When you blog, your clients connect with you on a more human level and will want to conduct business with you!

HomeSpun Websites makes it possible for anyone to create an e-Newsletter using our templates with interactive web design. Just add content! Then send a link to your clients so they can subscribe to your company newsletter and start receiving important information, articles, specials, sales and coupons, event postings, tips, and anything else you choose to include.

Create an inter-office or corporate newsletter to keep employees informed about important changes, policies and procedures, events, employee of the month, introduction of new employees…the possibilities are endless!

Newsletter Features:

• Easily Create Newsletter
• Visitors Can Subscribe Through Website
• Links on Newsletter Lead Back to Website
• Visitors have One Click Unsubscribe
• Import Subscribers
• Divide Subscribers into Groups
• Track Opens and Click Thrus of Emails

Adding a calendar to your website, keeps clients and employees up to date with the details and dates of events, meetings, classes and more.

Calendar Features
• Easily add New Events
• Easily add Recurring Events
• Calendar Links to More Details on Events
• Past Events are Automatically Removed from Calendar