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Homespun Websites Helps YOU Make YOUR WEBSITE!

At Homespun Websites, we make it simple for you to make your website using our Web Builder system. It's so systematic that you'll be handing out those new business cards sporting your brand new web address in record time.

One of the great things about Homespun is that we are there to support you in every aspect of your process. We believe that when you succeed, we at Homespun succeed. That is why we offer tips to help you MAKE YOUR WEBSITE THE BEST IT CAN BE!

Go Live
Go Live
Domain Registration
$10 a year 1
Number of Pages
Easily add new pages. Depending on the design you choose, your website can comfortably hold 50 to 75 pages
6 Unlimited
Email Marketing Newsletters
Send beautiful HTML emails. Interested individuals can subscribe to your newsletter directly from your website. Easily import subscribers into your list. The first 250 subscribers in your contact list are FREE.
Not Available check
Email Addresses $.99 a Month 5
Personal Account Manager
We see each new client as a long term relationship and provide you a personal account manager who will get to know you and your business. Our approach ensures you a succcessful website that will grow with your business.
check check
Website Hosting
You are host with America's #1 hosting company Rackspace and their Zero-Downtime Network™ guarantee.
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Website Designs for Every Style
We have hundreds of template web designs to choose from and constantly adding new designs to our portfolio. - We can accommodate a custom color change to any of our designs. You will be able to change your design at any time.
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Free Logo and Design Help
Getting a professional look is important for your satisfaction and success. HomeSpun graphic designers help you pick the right design for your logo, integrate your logo seamlessly into the design and match the colors of the website to your branding. If you don't have a logo, we'll create a complimentary simple logo for you.
check check

Exceptional Customer Support
Unlike other web developers - we don't charge you to update your website. Instead, we show you how to do it yourself - or if it is a one time thing - we will do it for you! We are available by phone, email or drop by a web salon. Reasonable fees apply for graphic design work or custom programming.
check check
Free Upgrades - Cutting Edge Technology
HomeSpun Websites insures that your website always remains cutting edge. When the search engines change the way they work, your website changes too. - When websites need to adapt for a new technology, your website will too. You also get access to new features that help you reach your customer base.
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Unlimited Photos, Slide Shows, Galleries
Easily upload photos and create slide shows with captions. Add Photos to text blocks throughout your website.
check check
Add Downloadable Forms and Files
Link to documents that are saved as PDF, MS Word, etc. Customers can easily download files from your website for viewing.
check check
Add QuickTime Movies or YouTube Videos check check
Add Music Files check check
Add Social Media Share Buttons
Easily share your information with your social networks and give your visitors the tools they need to share with their networks.
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Turn Any Page into an RSS Feed check check
Add Affiliates
Easily add affiliates with companies such as, Travelocity and Google Adsense.
check check
Google Mapping
Easily link to Google Maps and choose whether or not to show your address.
check check
Customizable Contact or
Get A Quote Forms

Customize a Contact Us Form or Request a Quote form. Choose from a long list of field options. Easily add a second form to be used for other purposes.
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The HomeSpun Community Network
Membership connects you to the HomeSpun Community where you can contract the services of other businesses, network with your power partners, advertise your own services, see what your competition is up to, and more…It's all about helping each other succeed and making connections that will serve you in your personal and professional lives.
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Additional Features


Blog: $3.99 per month

Add a blog with the same look and feel of your website. Includes rss feeds, categories, and is easily maintained.


Calendar: $1.99 per month

Keep visitors coming back to your website for information on the latest events.

Email Marketing Newsletter Pricing
# of Subscribers Monthly Fee
0-250 Free with Premier Membership
251-500 $4.99 + Membership
501-1000 $9.99 + Membership
1001-3000 $14.99 + Membership
3001-5000 $24.95 + Membership
Unlimited Subscribers $49.99 + Membership

Save Dollars
You won't spend $100's each month to update your website.
We either update it for you or show you how to do it all for the cost of your monthly membership.

Update your website yourself anytime, and if we do it, your updates will be complete within 24 hours.

Publicity Launch
When you are ready to launch your website, we help you spread the word through our social networks and public relation channels.

Free Expert SEO Advice
We hold no secrets. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know to get your website found.

Great Features
Share Buttons Video Tutorials
Blog Newsletter

Make Your Website Visual

Websites are accessible visual tools that share your information with folks in need of that information. No one wants a boring website. The idea is: Get them there and keep them there long enough to realize that your brand is a part of their destiny. In order to do that, you must make your website pleasing to the eye.

Homespun offers the following tips on how to take the best photos of your products/services:

• Products that Jump Out—Avoid losing your product in a too colorful or cluttered background. White generally works best and makes your products pop! If using multiple photos on an array of products, be consistent with your background. The goal is to showcase your products.

• No Blurred Images—When you make your website, you want crisp, clear images and one way to do that is by using a tripod or finding a steady surface in which to support your camera. When using digital cameras to take up close shots, look for the macro focus setting (flower icon).

• The Lighting Scene—Finding the good light and avoiding the bad light is obvious, but not always easy. Avoid using a built-in flash. The best light is non-direct, natural lighting. Experiment with light sources and props to attract or diffuse light. Lighting boxes are an inexpensive alternative.

• Size Really Does Matter—Images should not be too large or too small. Generally, 250 to 300 pixel width will suffice, depending on the layout of your web store.

• Software Assistance—Edit your images with photo software. You can enhance brightness, bring out the contrast, sharpen the color, crop, re -size and more. Try these FREE Internet photo editing choices: Snapfish, Snipshot or Picknik—with the convenience of saving your photos in the required format (jpg or gif) of your online store.

• Surf the Web—You can garner wonderful ideas by viewing other websites in your industry. What catches your eye? Which methods work/don't work? Now take that information, apply it and make your website photos better than ever!

• Homespun to the Rescue—If you can't get the hang of it or just don't have the time or inclination—Homespun can send you a professional photographer (rates vary) to accomplish the task.

No matter what your concern, Homespun Websites is on call to help make your website fabulous!