Success Stories
It has been just over a year since your company helped launch my website,, and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the outstanding job you've done.

Being a home designer for 25 years, I am very familiar with computer design programs. When it came time to launch my new venture MiniTears, a custom teardrop trailer manufacturing company, I knew that the web would be the best way to advertise my product. Because of my "designer" nature I wanted to design my own website. Doing this would allow me to offer my product the way I wanted it represented.

It didn't take long to realize that I needed help. Off-the-shelf web design programs could only take one so far. There were so many questions that needed to be researched to launch a successful site that I soon became overwhelmed. That's when I called on HomeSpun Websites. In a matter of days HomeSpun, working with the photos and scripted pages I had compiled, presented me with a preliminary site design that blew me away. But that was only the beginning!

Homespun Websites has created a service that is perfect for a person like myself. Within hours, working long distance through email and telephone conversations, they taught me how to go into my website and manage it as I wanted. Whether it's to change the way a page reads or add and delete photos in my photo gallery pages, I can change pricing, add product options, and add completely new pages on a whim. Learning how to manage the site is easy and fun to do. I can even change the entire look of the site by choosing from several different template options. Since the four page preliminary design, has developed into a beautiful 17 page website complete with links to other related sites. HomeSpun is only a phone call away if I have a question or need assistance with the site.

Thanks to the weekly analytics account that HomeSpun has set up for me, I have been able to track the weekly activity that the site creates. I've watched the average daily activity grow steadily from 20 hits a day to 85. There have been times when I'll see well over 100 hits in a day! On an average, I reply to one or two inquiries a day. All but a few of these inquiries are requests for quotes on custom teardrop trailers. The website is 100% responsible for all of the sales that MiniTears has made since its conception.

I would (and have) highly recommend Homespun to anyone who wants a website that they can easily monitor and manage themselves. I'm almost as proud of my website as the product I build because I feel like it's my creation. I know it's a beautiful site because the visitors tell me so.

Kurt Bowden

Portland Reflexology

I tried doing my website myself. Haven't we all? And that didn't work. The key to success is not just a well designed website, but one that gets seen. Then I found Home Spun Websites and they made all the difference in the world to my small business.

Now I look good on the web and you'll find me first when you Google my category. Plus I can update the site myself so no more waiting until someone has time to make my changes.

If you're ready for people to find you on the web, call HomeSpun.
Nancie Hines, Reflexologist

Sylvan Chiropractic
HomeSpun Website made the whole process amazingly easy and simple, from domain name registration to photo upload! I had not previously created a website because I was daunted by the rigors of HTML and the costs of creating such a site. But for an extremely reasonable creation and hosting fee, HomeSpun Websites made the whole experience painless and exciting!

The HomeSpun Website Builder is very user-friendly, and allows me to moderate my site at anytime of the day or night.
Seth Alley

Remodeling PDX

My husband and I own a small construction company and we needed a website, but could not afford the $1000.00 I had been quoted to have one built for us. I would not consider myself an extremely computer savvy person, yet within a couple of hours I had a nice, user friendly website that I was proud of creating. HomeSpun’s staff were very helpful and the program is easy to use.

I like the fact that I can edit text and add photos from my own home. Thanks!
Jessica McArthur

Spirit Medium
HomeSpun Websites has given me a website that produces results. My business went up over 90% after switching my website over to HomeSpun Websites. I had a working website but it just was just not getting me the results I needed. I have now quit my day job and I’m working full time doing what I love. I have made the transition to full time independent business owner.

Bring your entrepreneurial spirit to Homespun websites and let them work their magic with your business. I only wish I had found them sooner. I want to thank the Staff at Homespun websites for treating my business like it was their own.

My success is your success. I want to let everyone one know that their business will improve and get noticed with a HomeSpun Website.
Suzi Southworth

Chattys Dream

I am excited that I found a company like HomeSpun Websites where I could build a fast, user-friendly site beyond my expectations.

My biggest challenge will be the discipline of not changing or playing with the site everyday because it’s fun to do. My thanks to everyone at HomeSpun Websites.

You are a bunch of professionals with a lot of high energy, commitment and follow through.
Tommy Sawyer

Deborah Healing Hands
Home Spun Websites is amazing! They gave me full attention and creativity when building my web page. Their knowledge and input made my site come together easily and with little knowledge on my part. They not only made it easy to access different parts of the site, but also taught me how to edit and add information on my own.

I love my website and have gotten many compliments and clients from it. I would recommend HomeSpun Websites without any reservation.
Deborah Romero

Virginia Beach Ocean Rentals

It's indeed been a pleasure working with the fine folks at HomeSpun Websites. They have given me a great new tool with which to market my vacation rental properties! With their expertise and guidance, I now have a website far and away better than any I've seen...and prospects who preview my site "are blown away" by its slick look.

And, best of all, it's so easy for me to make changes to the information on my site, to add new photos as well as add new pages whenever I like.

The site could not be more user-friendly! And, whenever I have a question or a problem that I can't solve, the technical staff members are always willing and able to assist me.

I could not be happier with the assistance I have received from highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to have a quality website that will stand apart from all others.
Jim Fulmer
Fulmer Properties

Melbourne Beach Vacation Rental

I have had so much fun building our website. In the past we have hired someone to build web sites for us and, quite frankly, have not always been pleased with the content. Because I know the questions my clients frequently ask, I was able to include that information in my new website and thus I feel my clients will choose my product over my competitors.

It was a pleasure to work with all of the people in your organization. Your technical support while I was building the website was fabulous! Every time I had a question, it was answered immediately. I have already recommended your service to many of my friends. Thank you, again, for all your help.
Susan Valentine
Melbourne Beach, FL

Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille

The Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille has nothing but good things to say about Homespun Websites! They quickly took our old website and reconfigured it. The transition was smooth as can be. The friendly staff was patient with my lack of knowledge and terms of the trade; and the end result is so much better looking and functional.

Once it was in place I found it was very easy to make changes and add content. I love how I can go in at any time to update our current events! I highly recommend Homespun to help your company look great!
Kristie Noguchi
Portland, OR