New Clients, Country Musician, Portland OR

September 7, 2011

HomeSpun Websites would like to Welcome:


I will leave the dust of the city street and the noise of the busy town For the windy moor and the high hill and the peat-stream flowing brown; I will keep my watch by the camp-fires where the white cliffs lean to the sea, And dawn shall wake me with golden hands and the rain shall walk with me.


I will seek the place where gypsies roam and strange, wild songs are sung; I will find once more the magic paths I knew when the world was young, And the stars will give me comradeship and the wind will be my friend, And I will send you the gold that lies at the rainbow's end.


Stretch not your hands nor bid me stay; I hear the white road's call; The sun has kissed the buds from sleep, and I am one with them all.


Give me cornbread when I'm hungry..
Corn liquor when I'm dry.


See him play every Wednesday at the Landmark Saloon (downstairs from the HomeSpun office) every Wednesday Night!


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