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HomeSpun Websites launches its initiative to help Put America Back to Work by donating fully built, FREE WEBSITES to deserving individuals and organizations!

Our Pledge to America

For every 10th person or business who signs up for a HomeSpun website, we will award a free website to:

1) Individuals who have been out-of-work for more than one year and want to start anew with their own small business.

Much of our own loyalty has come from the small business owner and through our commitment to community and America at large, HomeSpun wants to Pay it Forward.
2) Non-Profits and Schools
We also believe in education and challenging today’s students, and we support the efforts of non-profit organizations. With the current state of the economy, HomeSpun is highly aware of the hardships schools and non-profits have endured in years past, and we want to help—so, in addition to the helping the rising entrepreneur, HomeSpun will qualify schools and non-profit organizations in need of a website.

Build a Better Future Initiative:
America’s Youth Helps Build a Better Future

As a dual initiative, HomeSpun Websites will pair the free website recipients with High School Students who will help build the websites. Each website will meet HomeSpun’s clear high standards of quality. Students helping to build a better future for others, will in turn, build a better future for themselves by:

• Receiving invaluable training
• Developing on-the-job skills
• Learning discipline and follow-through
• Gaining experience that may lead to part-time job opportunities while attending college, and subsequent    career paths.
• Insights into social justice

Find out how your school can participate in The Build a Better Future Initiative.

A Perfect Website for Your Business or Organization
Recipients of the FREE Websites will receive a professional website equivalent to our
Perfect Website Package.

Your HomeSpun Website will be expandable to 70+ or more pages. It will easily grow and adapt as your business or organization changes. The perfect website includes the following features.

1) Pleasing graphics and professional designs that incorporate your logo and branding elements
2) Clear Direction: Web Visitors will know in 5 seconds or less what the site is about. They will quickly and easily navigate the site to find the information they need.
3) Calls-to-Action: Visitors will know exactly how to contact you, acquire your services, book an appointment, make a purchase, receive discounts or special offers.
4) Solid Search Engine Optimization: In addition, more visitors will come to your site because of our expert search engine optimization skills. When people search for your services or products through Google, Yahoo or Bing—HomeSpun Websites can help you rise to the top.
5) Excellent ongoing customer support to help make your website a success
6) The HomeSpun Website Builder that allows you to easily update your website at anytime.

HomeSpun’s Easy to Use Web Builder

The HomeSpun Website Builder is accessible through your web browser, so there are no downloads or special software to buy.

With a HomeSpun Website, You can Easily:
* Add and Rearrange Pages
* Add Photos, Captions and Slide Shows
* Add, Update and Format Text
* Change your Design at Any Time
* Embed a You Tube or Google Video
* Customizable Forms for Contact Us and Request a Quote
* Add an Event Calendar
* Add Affiliates, RSS Feeds and Widgets
* Create and Send Beautiful Email Newsletters
* Add a Blog with the Look of your website
* Add Documents and Forms for Download (PDF, Doc)
* Add a Google Map

Qualify to Win a Free HomeSpun Website

Are you a victim of the current economic crisis, were laid off and trying to start your own business?
Released from the Military
A Non-profit
A School

Fill out an online application.

  Non-Profit Application   Individual Application  

Non-Profit or School Application to be Considered for a Website

If you are a non-profit or school in need you may qualify for a sponsored website,
please complete the form below.

I am Name of
or School
First Name Last Name
Phone Email
How many years
have you been
in operation
If you are a school, tell us about your students
If you are a non-profit, tell us about who you serve
Tell us more about your organization:
ie what makes you special, your mission, describe services you offer etc.
Tell us how you plan to use your new website

Individual Application to be Considered for a Website

Qualifications for Individual Starting a Business:

• You are an individual who has been out of work for more than one year
• You have been actively seeking work for more than a year
• You have started a business or are starting a business
• You are over the age of 21

Business Name
First Name Last Name
Phone City
State Email
Date of Last Employment Former Position:
Date you started/or plan to start business    
What is the mission of your business
Describe your products and/or services
What type of experience, training, qualities and/or skills do you have to make this the right business for you:
What is your long term objective for your new business:

Your School Can Help Build a Better Future for America
If you are a high school teacher or administrator and would like to have your class or school participate in the Build a Better Future for America Initiative, you can complete and submit our online application.
More about the Build a Better Future for America Initiative

HomeSpun will provide the course curriculum including, a step-by-step directive for students to create professional websites. This internship is ideal for students already involved in the class yearbook, school newspaper or literary journal.

Prerequisites for School’s Participation:

Schools need access to Computers with High Speed Internet for each participating student.
One station should have access to a graphics program where students can design banners and alter graphical elements and images.

Schools and Students need to be fully committed to the completion of this course upon enrolling.

3 Ways of Protecting Participating Students

1) We have developed a system where students communicate with website recipients through a portal that protects the identity of the student.
2) Students will not have direct email or phone contact with organizations or individuals.

Parents will be asked to sign releases, giving students permission to participate.

Future communication and meetings between students and website recipients are possible through proper background checks and release forms.

Final Product Review
Website projects will be reviewed by HomeSpun Websites before the “Big Reveal” to their owners. HomeSpun Websites will communicate with and mentor students on necessary changes and request multiple revisions as appropriate. HomeSpun Websites will always maintain the final authority.

School Interest Form

School Name
First Name Last Name
Phone Email
School Website    


Become a Sponsor and Help Put America Back to Work
Companies who wish to become involved with Put America Back to Work and contribute toward the management and promotion of the program can volunteer to become sponsors.

Sponsors will play an important role in the success of the program and will make significant contributions to the lives of Americans in need.

In becoming a sponsor you will be helping to promote two initiatives:

1) Put America Back to Work
2)America’s Youth Helps Build a Better Future
Key Benefits to Sponsorship:

• Help promising small businesses get their start with a new, optimized website
• Form an alliance with schools and non-profit organizations in need
• Offer Internships for students, which could lead to future employment opportunities
• Educate students on social justice and provide them with real world experience
• Your logo and website link will appear on all websites associate

What can I sponsor?

• Program management and quality control
• Teacher Training
• Funding of computers, software and fundamental operations equipment for schools
• Donations of new or used equipment for schools

HomeSpun Websites offers a variety of sponsorship packages from which you can choose:

Platinum Sponsorship: $25,000+
Gold Sponsorship:


Silver Sponsorship: $10,000+
Bronze Sponsorship: $3,500+

When you become a sponsor of Put America Back to Work, you are joining a vital force that will make profound differences in the lives of fellow Americans. Take heart and be proud that you are a part of a progressive initiative that created so many opportunities for so many deserving individuals and organizations.

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