Add a Video to Your Website

HomeSpun Websites in conjuction with Reel Innovative can help you add up to three videos to your website. Video is an becoming increasingly important in achieving top placement in the search engines. It is also an excellent medium to connect with prospective new clients as well as build a following.


  • Video Package
  • Examples of Shareable Videos

Reel Innovative Video Package - $979

A production crew will spend 3 to 4 hours with you on location. If you are able to trust the production crew and follow their instructions, you will be able to walk away with three 30 to 60 second videos.

Video 1: The Shareable Video Commercial
This shareable video commerical would normally cost $3000 to $4000 minimum. Reel Innovative is able to provide you a great shareable video below normal costs via its network of videographers around the United States and its stock of well written scripts for you to choose from.

What is a Shareable Video? It is a video that is humorous, fun or makes an emotional connection. It is something that people will share with others through their social networks. Its a video you are willing to watch over and over again.

Video 2: The Get to Know Me Video (Your Elevator Pitch)

We recommend adding a video to your home page that clearly conveys who you are and what your business is about. It shows your passion for your business and your commitment to serving your customers.

A video on the home page is especially important for professional services, contractors and those in the health care professions. It helps create a sense of trust and quickens the sales process. A good video can close the deal with a prospective client before you even talk to them.

Video 3: The Places and Things Video

This video is primarily designed to be used with your Google Places listing.

Search Engine Optimization of Videos

We optimize your video for the search engines so that is easily found in Google, Yahoo and Bing. As part of your video optimization we set it up on You Tube with the proper keywords and descriptions. We also provide an interesting thumbnail to introduce your video. This is very important to get people to click on the video.

Shareable Video Examples