Now that you have selected your design, it's time to start adding content to your website. You want to organize the pages in a logical way from the most important to the least, though don't stress too much on the order as it's easy to switch around any time you want.


How to add pages:


Watch A Video For How To Create Pages for Your Website

Tips for adding content to your pages:

1) Main Pages should reflect general information about the page's topic, then expand on the information with sub pages. For instance, an automotive repair company would have a main page titled, Services with the sub pages: tune up, oil change, brakes, shocks and struts, engine repair and more. The content on the Services page could talk about maintenance plans and the general services offered, while the sub pages will go into greater detail about each individual service. You will not necessarily need sub pages on all of your pages. Home and Contact pages, for instance; generally stand alone.

2) You want to have great information without being weighed down with too much text, which will scare people away. Adding "Texture" to your text can help break it up and promote readability.

Here are some simple ways:

a) Use Headers to separate and categorize content. To do this, simply add a page block, click on paragraph, and be sure to add a title. People will find it  easier to quickly find information, opposed to getting frustrated and exiting the site
b) Embolden key words or phrases
c) Use bulleted/alphabetized lists like this one
d) Use Title Case or CAPS to accentuate important content
e) Whenever you state the name of your business, make it Bold and Italic
f) Use color to bring attention to key phrases. Red, works like a charm!
g) Embed, embolden and center align quotes and key sentences between paragraphs
h) White space is your friend

How to add text:


Visit our FAQ for full step by step instructions OR Watch A Tutorial Video

• If you need an extra boost, ask about our Templates that exemplify industry standards. These templates are already set up and filled with guidelines for   where to place text and what kind of content to add.
• If you're having trouble coming up with your own text, you can enlist the services of our Professional Copywriters. Simply call 503-922-1276 to speak   with a project manager.
• Visit our FAQ section on the Dashboard to learn how to add more documents like:

- Location Maps
- Hyperlinks
- Downloadable Files (PDF/Word Documents)
- Widgets/Affiliates/HTML Code
- RSS Feeds

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