You've done a fabulous job and we hope that you have had fun during this process and learned many valuable tools that you can call upon and implement into your new website any time you wish.

It feels good to have created such an inspiring website with your own two hands, one that you can maintain and update on your own, doesn't it?

"Yes, but now that I'm done, I want to Go Live—now, today! How do I do that?"

Simply send our Technical Team a support ticket from your Web Builder Dashboard to get the ball rolling.

If you've purchased a domain through HomeSpun—simply give us 24 hours and the site will become live!


If you purchased your domain through another Domain Registrant please update your nameservers to:


If you don't feel comfortable updating your nameservers yourself, please supply our technicians the login to your domain in your Go Live Support Ticket.

Day 14