"What Good is a Website if Nobody Sees It?"

In the age of information, people no longer need to weed through countless Yellow Page ads or call twenty stores to find out if they carry a specific item; they simply conduct an Internet search.

Need a plumber or an electrician? Simply Google, Portland Oregon plumber, or San Francisco, CA electrician and a comprehensive list will magically appear.

Each business that pops up will have a key sentence describing the business like, D&F Plumbing Company—"We hire only the best Journeyman Plumbers in Portland, Oregon…" You might hire them just to find out what the heck a Journeyman Plumber is, but the point is that you will reach out to the one that speaks directly to you within the first few hits. There is no need to go on to the second page, so if that's where you are placing (or even farther down the list)—it's just not good enough!

You could even take your search a step further—licensed plumbers, Portland OR or honest, reliable, reasonable, etc. Now see what comes up. D&F is no longer on the list, but that doesn't mean that they are dishonest. It just means that they didn't use those particular "key words" on their website, while Pacific Crest Plumbing did—"If you are in need of reliable and honest plumber, Nick the Plumber is the one to call."

HomeSpun's superior customer support insures that you include the right Key Words, Meta Tags and Meta Titles to get you found in the top search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When you became a Do It Yourself member of HomeSpun, you filled out a Service Form, which automatically generated your key terms and placed them on your Side Banner.

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