When you login to the HomeSpun Web Builder, you will be taken to the "Dashboard" where you will sections to help you navigate your way to building a successful website.

Managing your Website Content

Edit Your Website—this is where you will add and update content on your website
Edit Side Banners—once you've added content to your side banners, you can manage them all from one place
Manage Library—your library contains all of the images, files, movies and music that you have uploaded. You can upload more here too.
My Web Pages—quick links to edit pages on your website

Website & Account Settings


  • Website Settings—Browse for Designs, Customize your Contact Form, Manage your Blog and/or Calendar Settings
  • My Account - Manage your Billing Information, View Billing History, Update Passwords & Security Features
  • Website Design Browser—Select from a Large Assortment of Designs
  • Contact Form Page—Modify the Contact Fields on your contact page or Write a Custom Thank You
  • Site Statistics—View the frequency and duration of visits to your website


Website Features


  • Newsletter—Easily Send Newsletter directly to your Visitors (learn more)
  • Blog—Write a New Blog Article that you can Share on Facebook and other Social Media Sites (learn more)
  • Event Calendar - Easily let your visitors know what's happening in your business. (learn more)
  • Ecommerce SimpleCart - Start selling online with a click of a button! (learn more)
  • Mobile Website - We know that having a website that can easily be viewed on mobile media is a great way to interact with your customers who are ON THE GO! (learn more)


FAQs—Frequently Asked Questions and Step by Step Instructions for how to do just about Everything in the Web Builder.
Tutorial Videos—many of the FAQs have videos that walk you through the process
Support Tickets—if you are still stuck, just fill out a support ticket and an expert from the HomeSpun team will reply within 24 hours
Community Forum—join discussions or create one of your own

Keep it Simple- Choose a name that is Simple and Matches the Name of your Business to promote traffic flow to your website. SmithPlumbing.com   is a good example. If your name is already taken, you can add your city name to the end. SmithPlumbingPortland.com is an example of a good domain   name for Smith Plumbing of Portland, Oregon.
Length is Okay- Domain names can be Up to 67 Characters Long making it easy to fit your business name into the URL, but make sure it also fits on   your business card.
• Make it Memorable so people won't have to look it up or write it down.
Easy to Spell- You also want it to be easy to spell to insure maximum visitor potential. We also recommend purchasing any common misspellings to your domain name.

Get the Singular and the Plural of the domain so that no one can get too close to your domain name.

Whew! You've made it through day one and now you're ready to proceed. It only gets easier from here.

Day 2