There are Many Ways and Places to Add Photos to your Website:

1. Top Photo and/or Photo Slideshow: should reflect the subject matter of the page and the essence of your business.
2. Side Banners: adding photos and graphics to the side banner is a great way to create interest (learn more about side banners on day five).
3. Photo Galleries and Slideshows: choose from 5 dynamic styles.

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What if I don't have any good photos or graphics?
If you don't have professional photos and graphics, you can set up an account with, where for a small fee you can download a multitude of photos in a variety of categories suited to the needs of your website.

Now that you've added photos, how else can I make my website stand out?

A fabulous way to get noticed is to add Custom Flash or Java Script Graphics to your website. Don't have it? We can create a customized Flash or Java Script Slideshow for you, starting at $99.

View these examples and explore the possibilities: (example of a Flash)

(example of a Java Script)

Now that you're convinced, call our design team at 503-922-1276 to get started!

Once your flash and/or Java graphics are complete and stored in your library, it's easy to place on your website yourself one whatever page you want!!!

View our FAQ's for adding other graphical elements like:

Java Script SlideShow
Java Script slide shows act just like a flash movie would. The bonus to using our Java Script Slide Show creator is that it is Iphone and Ipad friendly.

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Music Files
Another great way to enhance your website and the experience your visitors receive is by adding Music Files. Select your music wisely, as it will set the tone and mood of your website and should make guests of your site want to stick around for a while.

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Adding Videos
Website Videos are much more common and accessible than ever before. It's especially useful to performers, such as singers or comediennes, who want to showcase their talent and increase ticket sales, but they can also be useful tools for instruction and tips. Chefs might add a video to demonstrate how to cook a particular recipe, step by step. A Fire Marshall might add a video on safety awareness. Get creative and add your own video.

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